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Bringing Children Together:

Children of the World, one of the programmes of TCfR, provides opportunities to bring children together from different diverse backgrounds. Children that would not normally come together are mixing, playing and forming friendships. It  is wonderful to see children, of all ages, of different faiths, cultures and abilities enjoying fun and games together. Children that have attended events regularly over the last six months are excited to see their new friends at TCfR events – friends they would not have had if it was not for TCfR. They are learning from each other; helping each other. 

One little girl recently new to the country has settled much quicker due to the friendships she has made, she learned about Advent and Christmas and one girl even gave her an Advent calendar so she wouldn’t be the only one in her class without one and she was so excited to have one. 

TCfR recently received funding from the Charity of John Dawber for the children’s activities we run. The money is going towards our project – Children of the World – we run children’s activities at the monthly Chat Café, St Faiths Hall, and the monthly Coffee Morning, Witham House. 

Children of the World organised a diverse range of crafts at the interfaith Cricket matches held last summer and during the Christmas Market Christmas Crafts were held at the Unitarian Chapel. Watch this space for more information on further Children of the World activities and we hope to see you there.