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TCfR was granted a little amount of funding from Western Power Distribution to create a faith and diversity embroidery. People from different faith and cultural backgrounds from across Lincoln and Lincolnshire came together to create a wonderful banner. People were provided with all they need to embroider a square, fabric, hoop, snips, needle, thread and dissolvable fabric, that represented their faith or culture. All the faith symbols were embroidered and were alongside some wonderful embroideries including one representing Lincolnshire, one saying welcome in Tamil and a tree of life. People came together to stitch or stitched at home and everyone felt part of a bigger project. This banner is the perfect way to show case the faith and cultural diversity in the city and county as well as educate and when we have it displayed at events it is a great conversation starter. The way Mel stitched the squares together to create the banner enables it to be added too. If you would be interested in embroidering something to represent your faith or culture please contact Mel – enquires@tcf-reconciliation.org and we can arrange to have an embroidery pack delivered to you and you too can be part of this amazing project.