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Cross Cultural Sports Festival:

TCfR and LFC hosted a Cross Cultural Sports Festival on 25th September 2021 this was in partnership with Active Lincolnshire and funded by Sports England. An excellent afternoon of fun and games at the University of Lincoln outside sports area. Children, students and adults had fun with tug of war, traditional races – egg and spoon, running sack, obstacle and 3 legged race. Many laughs were had by the children especially during the 3 legged race as they struggled to find the correct technic to stop one falling over. The tug of war was rather competitive especially from students. Alongside the races there were giant games of dominoes, snakes and ladders, twister and noughts and crosses. The children involved loved being given a certificate and medal handed out by the Mayor of Lincoln and the Chair of TCfR. A few children were super excited to take them to school on Monday to show their teachers and they expressed interest in wanting water sport fun next time. Following the races it was lovely to see children gathered around a table colouring and crafting, people enjoying food and talking. It was interesting to see a young boy talking to an older Sikh man (speaks limited English) but they went onto play together and he gave his new friend a sports day sticker. 

Councillor Jackie Kirk, The Mayor of Lincoln said at the sports festival that more of this needs to happen – more coming together, talking, being and playing. More of this is what is needed in this world. She was very encouraged by the work of TCfR and can see the immense benefits it is having for individuals, different communities and the wider community/city of Lincoln. She went on to thanks us all but especially Subash Chellaiah, TCfR Founder and Executive Director, for his never ending dedication and passion for interfaith and cross cultural relations in Lincoln and we are doing a great job at showing Lincoln is a welcoming city.