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Job Announcement - Director of Education

The board is delighted to announce the appointment of The Revd John Carter to the job of Director of Education. 

As part of the role John is responsible for developing and growing the Faith and Belief Awareness programme, Cultural Awareness Programme, religious literacy and responding to our continued needs from Greater Lincolnshire. 

He will be working alongside TCFR colleagues setting up and managing the Multi-Faith library and book shop and holding faith links for TCFR/LFC. This is a crucial role as this will develop over the years and we are delighted that John is taking this role. 

John was born in the western United States and has degrees and qualifications in Theology and Ministry. John has done a lot of work for HIV/ADIS prevention in America. A Unitarian Minister for Lincoln and Chair of the Unitarian Peace Fellowship, and President of the Unitarian Ministry Fellowship.