Women of the World (WOW):
Last Monday of the month

WOW is an international women’s group meeting monthly. An opportunity for women from all backgrounds to meet monthly. An opportunity to meet, get to know each other, learn from each other and chat over a drink and snack. This will be a free group to attend but contributions will be welcome. It is hoped women will bring snacks from their country/religion/culture to share with the group. An inclusive group for all women who call Lincoln home looking to meet and make friends and get involved in new activities. It will be a safe space to talk, share issues, concerns, ask questions and importantly it will be non-judgemental. All will be made welcome.
Young children and babies will be welcome to come along and a selection of toys will be provided.
As the group is initiated and develops what will happen will grow and develop to as we would like the women involved to take a lead and decide what happens, what we do and how we take the group forward together.
Presently WOW has been meeting virtually and from September WOW will be meeting in person with a possible monthly WOW Zoom on an evening for women who cannot attend the present time due to work commitments.