Inspire young people to prepare individuals in their own contexts, to achieve a global culture of peace. Enabling them to speak out about the need for cooperation and living to our innate human values to help build a global culture of peace. We will work with youths from all backgrounds, all religions and none. Through this project we are hoping to bring young people together from different cultural and religious backgrounds to educate them about each other’s religion and culture. We hope they will then grow up together as friends and this will mean, as they become adults in society they will be more tolerant of others in society. Through this project we will offer:
Who Can enrol:
Young people of Lincoln and Lincolnshire.
Faith Community groups
Different religious and cultural communities of Lincoln and Lincolnshire
Aged 18 – 26

Youth4Peace Programme:
Programme Covers
Life Skills
Informal counselling
Cross cultural exchange
International visits

10 hours per week

Why did we start the Youth4Peace course?
Presently there are youth clubs and organisations offering activities for young people to attend but they are mainly attended by white, British youth. Ethnic minorities, youths from different cultures, different religious backgrounds tend not to attend youth clubs or uniformed organisations. Therefore, young people from different backgrounds are not mixing, different communities within society are not integrating and young people are tending to be friends with other young people from their own religious or cultural community.
Youths are the future of this country – future business owners, teachers, police, leaders of the country etc – if they learn to see each other as friends, learn about each other’s culture and religion, become educated so they will grow up not listening to negative biases in the media the country will be a better place. Youths involved in this project will grow up with a greater understanding of their ‘neighbour’
Through this greater understanding and education, we will offer youths, we hope stereotypes and misunderstandings of other religious can be dismissed. We hope this will lead to a reduction in prejudice and exploitation. A reduction and hopefully, in time, the eradication of religiously-motivated hate crimes.
‘World peace’ will be at the forefront of the training – providing tools for peace education, memory work, and intercultural learning to participating young people, who will work together in workshops related to the overarching topic of peace in and around the world

Course dates and prices will be updated soon

Want to be part of Yuth4Peace?
To know more about this programme please email your name, contact details and a paragraph explaining why you would like to be part of Youth4Peace and how you think it will benefit your future? Please send this enquiries@tcf-reconciliation.org