Dr Charles Shaw


Charles is from Lancashire and is a Universal Evangelical Minister and works within the Youth Sector. He is Chair of LCVYS and One East Midlands. He has worked with youth and community service for four decades.

Rev. John Philip Carter


John was born in the western United States and has degrees and qualifications in Theology and Ministry. John has done a lot of work for HIV/ADIS prevention in America. A Unitarian Minister for Hull and Lincoln and Chair of the Unitarian Peace Fellowship, and President of the Unitarian Ministry Fellowship.

Peter Hill


Peter Hill has just retired after 35 years in the computer business, and is now spending more time with his interests - travelling around the UK on the railways, music, theatre, local history among others. He is the organist at a local church, and current treasurer to TCfR.

Abdul Siddiqui

Board of Director

Abdul was born and raised in Delhi. An IT professional with a degree in computer science. Abdul is very involved with the Mosque, Islamic education and the Mosque food bank.

Vera Icheke

Board of Director

Vera Icheke is a Pastor and Lecturer with degrees in Business. She has been in Christian ministry for several years and is a volunteer Chaplain at the University of Lincoln.

Professor Julian Stern

Board of Director

Julian Stern is a Professor of Education and Religion at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. He was a schoolteacher for fourteen years, and has worked in universities around the country for even longer. He is President of the ISRS (the International Society for Research on Solitude), and is General Secretary of ISREV (the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values. He writes and teaches widely on educational and broader issues, including books on religious education, on spirituality, and on solitude.

Daphne Shaw

Board of Director

Daphne is a qualified Youth and Community Worker with a degree in Social Work. She has worked in Family Support Services. She has four decades of experience in this sector.

Subash Chellaiah

Founder and Executive Director of TCfR (not a Board Member)

Subash was born in India and has degrees in Theology and Interfaith Relations. He has over two decades of experience of humanitarian work in the UK and India and has worked in the Chaplaincy filed for 10 years.