Chat Café:

Second Saturday of the Month – 11am to 1pm, St Faiths Hall West Parade
A time to come together once a month in the Westend to chat and make friends over food. Homemade cakes, homemade vegetarian curries and a selection of hot drinks and squash. There is a charge for food and drink and discretion will be used regarding payment affordability.
An opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds in a friendly environment where new friendships will be formed in an informal, safe and non-judgemental setting. Through newly formed friendships, general conversation we hope to learn more about each other, there will be a greater understanding of each other and the start of integration amongst different communities.
Chat Café met virtually for six months and has met in person since November 2021. Children of the World sets up sensory play, baby toys and crafts for children to participate in.

Coffee Morning
Last Saturday of the month, 11am to 1pm, Witham House
Coffee Morning, working with the Multifaith Chaplaincy, is an opportunity to come together at the Chaplaincy to make friends and chat over food. Started to help international students who were struggling to meet people outside of their course and felt isolated. Some had children and could not socialise easily on an evening or weekend. Coffee Morning is an opportunity to meet other students, people from local faith and cultural communities and children are welcome. Children of the World provides toys or a craft for children to do.
There is homemade cakes, fruit, snacks and hot drinks. No charges.

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