Chat Café:

Second Saturday of February, March, May, June, September, October, November, and December – 11am to 1pm, Holy Cross Church Community Hall, Skellingthorpe Road, LN6 7RB 
Chat Café is a time to come together once a month to chat and make friends over food. Homemade cakes, homemade vegetarian curries and a selection of hot drinks and squash. The cost is a donation towards the activities and events hosted by The Centre for Reconciliation. 
Chat Café is an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds in a friendly environment where new friendships can be formed in an informal, safe and non-judgmental setting. Through newly formed friendships and general conversation we hope to learn more about each other for a greater understanding of each other and the start of integration amongst different communities.  
We want to also work towards combatting loneliness and social isolation. Food is a universal language, and Chat Café is an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds in an informal environment that makes it easy to meet people who you wouldn’t normally come across. We are also family-friendly, and we have sensory and baby toys, and crafts for children to participate in. When the weather is nice, there is a small outdoor space for children to play together (with their parent supervision). 
Chat Café met virtually for six months and has met in person since November 2021 at St Faiths Parish Hall in the West End. In February 2024, Chat Café is making the move to Holy Cross Church on Skellingthorpe Road.  

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