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TCfR not only works in Lincolnshire put we are in the process of setting up a TCfR India that will be based in Tamil Nadu, South India. Part of TCfR India is the Little Elephant School and along side the school valuable work within the local community has taken place in Keeranur, Tamil Nadu. TCfR India and it’s finances area managed by Suresh Karuppiah and his wfe Christine manages the school.
Watch this space as things develop.

Little Elephant School:
October 2010, the tip of India, in a meeting with Suresh the seed was planted for starting a preschool near Trichy. Suresh Karuppiah went away and spoke with his wife Christine about Ruth’s idea of establishing a preschool and eventually a school to provide good quality, affordable education for all. The school was founded by Subash Chellaiah, Ruth Subash, Suresh Karuppiah and Christine Suresh. June 2012 Little Elephant Preschool opened in Keeranur with 6 pupils offering nursery, preschool and 1st standard education in English medium. Today the school is in its 11th academic year and has nearly 200 pupils.
Little Elephant’s is a unique school because is accepts all children no matter what their religion or caste. Children are not judged on their background and all children are treated equally. Having children in school from a young age (2 years) both parents are able to go to work and provide an increased income for their family and improve the future for all their family. By providing their children with a good quality education they will have a better future. The only route out of poverty is through education.
Children going to Little Elephant’s grow up seeing every child as their friend, seeing all children as equal. The school is helping to break down caste and religious barriers. These children will grow up to more understanding of each and will help make a better society and help achieve the goal of less religiously and caste motivated hatred and creating a more harmonious society. This school is improving and increasing education in the community it is in.
If you would like to support the work of the school you can make a one off or regular donation via the donation page.