Education and reconciliation in India and Sri Lanka
An important part of the work of TCfR is education and reconciliation. TCfR supports education in India and Sri Lanka. We are working with Canadian Education Trust on this project/ We want to provide good quality education for all.

Through this work TCfR aims to:
  • improve integration between communities
  • provide cross cultural interaction
  • promote unity and celebrate diversity
  • reduce and eventually eradicate racially motivated tension crimes
  • promote unity and celebrate diversity
  • broaden education opportunities for all
The outcomes of this work will be:
  • Stronger connections between communities
  • Increased interaction between different religious and cultural communities leading to newly formed friendships.
Increased integration
Improved relations between different ethnic and religious communities as they will have a greater understanding of each other.
A greater understanding of other, individuals will have broadened horizons, become more open minded
  • A decrease/reduction in racially motivated tension
  • Greater life skills resulting in increased opportunities
  • Increased employability opportunities
We are not a funding organisation but we are responding to where the needs are and are close to our organisation. Money raised through charity boxes and other fundraising efforts will be split between the work in India and Sri Lanka. It will include the work of Little Elephant School, Trichy. The money will be split 40% towards education in India (20% Little Elephant School (IRCS) and 20% for the education and reconciliation centre in Southern India), 50% towards education in Sri Lanka and 10% towards administration costs.
The money for Sri Lanka will initially be sent through the Canadian Education Trust. The money for India will be sent directly to the school, IRCS and in the future will be sent to TCfR India as the education work in India grows. The money raised will support education and reconciliation in both countries. In India not only will it support education through a school with IRCS it will go towards establishing a peace and reconciliation centre in Southern India.