As part of the Religious Literacy programme TCfR will run Faith Awareness courses. It is important to learn about different religions to help understand our neighbours from different faith backgrounds. It is impossible to relate to neighbours from different faith backgrounds without relating to and understanding their faiths. It is good to learn about and understand the faiths of our neighbours and working together locally on community issues.
The Faith Awareness course provides opportunities for encounter between members of different faiths in the hope that those who take part will pursue and develop and mutual understanding, trust respect while not hiding difference but recognising the uniqueness and special contribution of each faith to the local community and beyond.
TCfR will offer Awareness days as well as evening courses, held over six to eight sessions. The evening courses will go into more depth than the day sessions. There will be opportunities to meet people from different faith backgrounds as well as visiting different places of worship. An opportunity to meet people of faith in their community. There will be introductory talks, question and answer sessions, discussions of faith and life in the UK in the 2020s.
Costs of this course will be updated nearer to the time of the course be ready to run.
For more information, future course dates and to register interest please email enquiries@tcf-reconciliation.org