30 Jan

On Tuesday 30th January, Subash, Reverend Steve and Revd John were invited to the Gomde Tibetan Centre in Lincolnshire. They were welcomed by Lama Oser, Paulette and David and had the opportunity to talk with Lama Oser. They shared in good conversation and lunch before a private meeting with Lama Oser followed by a tour of the site with Lama Oser guiding them round the temple and explaining more about the Buddhist faith. Lama Oser particularly wanted to hear about the work of TCfR. He listened intently and asked questions and was very interested in the work and mission of TCfR. Lama Oser and the people at Gomde are very supportive and are very keen to build a relationship with TCfR and the party left with a commitment on both sides to further explore how we can work together.

A further visit will be planned for the summer when Lama Oser returns to the UK, and it is hoped that TCfR can host Lama Oser on a visit to Lincoln. It was a great day where existing friendships were strengthened and new friendships made.

More about Lama Oser below. 

Lama Öser is one of the senior monks of Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. He has studied under many great masters and for a number of years was the personal assistant of the great Dzogchen master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. Lama Öser resides at Gomde UK for several months of the year, leading retreats and giving teachings. He resides in Tibet and is a close friend and confidant of the Dalai Lama.