22 Dec

Little Friends of the World launched in September 2022 as a multicultural baby and toddler group. Meeting in St Faith’s Hall, West Parade on Friday mornings little ones would come and play, enjoy fresh fruit snack and finish with a story from a different country/culture.

Unfortunately, due to parking being difficult in the area many who wanted to attend could not. The cost of living is so high at the moment and international students coming to study here and bringing their families were unable to afford extras like children’s groups and have found jobs to supplement their income. A few children attending parents returned to wok so they started going to childcare and some were old enough for school. Number remained low and got lower. It was not financially viable to continue running the group so the hard decision was made to finish the group in December and not run it in 2024. It will be greatly missed by Ruth who ran it and attended with her little boy and the regulars that came. 

The families and child minder that attended Little Friends have benefited greatly from attending the session. Support was provided when needed, someone to talk to, children with additional needs had somewhere safe to attend and learn new skills. Little ones from different backgrounds made friends, chased each other round the room and enjoyed fresh fruit snacks. Adults enjoyed talking, discussing parenting issues and giving/getting advice. A highlight of each week was finding were the story book was hidden and giving out stickers for helping tidy up. 

A huge thank you to those who helped Ruth with Little Friends and for those who attended regularly. Friday mornings won’t be the same.